Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chinese Visa

I received my Chinese Visa in the mail this week. Since I do not currently live in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York or Washington DC, I mail my passport to a visa agent in one of these cities instead of going in person. This time I decided to apply for a multiple entry visa which in many ways is superior to the single entry visas I used for my last few visits. The last time I was in China I had to go to the police station to extend my 30 day visa since my visit lasted longer than I originally planned. My multiple entry visa is valid for as many visits (up to 60 days each) as I can make to China within the next year.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Websites

I recently have launched new websites for my new law practice and China related business. For those who are interested, please visit:

China Education Consulting

Law Office of James Allen

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Webzen Update

I still own a large number of WZEN shares but I have not had the time to track it very closely as of late. I just Huxley is released according to the anticipated timeline unlike Sun which was delayed for what seems like forever. I also am eagerly waiting to hear the comments of NCTY relating to Sun on their upcoming quarterly conference call.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Next Trip to China

I am excited about my next trip to China this October. I am not a big fan of the direction the US is headed and am worried about its long term economic prospects. China however has enormous potential. Therefore, I have decided that most of my entrepreneurial projects going forward will forces on either China or other fast growing emerging markets. It just makes mores sense to invest where the growth is.

Today more than ever, the best growth opportunities are being found overseas. 10 years ago a larger percentage of students from Asia who attended college or graduate school in the U.S. sought to remain here after graduation. Today many of these well qualified and bright students are leaving the US after graduation for better opportunities at home. Many high tech companies in the US are having a hard time finding enough qualified workers and the H1B visa restrictions and are not helping.

I believe in free markets. I also believe the best way to make money is to embrace change instead of fighting it. China will become the largest economy in the world during our lifetime. India and other countries will grow quickly as well. We should not be scared of outsourcing, we should embrace it. Instead of using tariffs and quotas as temporary Band-Aids, we should think long term and put more money into training out people for the industries of the future, instead of trying to artificially support the markets where we are losing our competitive edge.


I really have not made much of an effort to maintain this blog over the past year. Much has changed since my last post. Although I took the NY bar exam this July, I plan on remaining in Madison, Wisconsin where both my law practice and a China related consulting firm I co-founded with a former law school classmate will be based. Due to the amount of time I like to put into equity research and the lack of free time in my current schedule, I have not been trading very much as of late. Perhaps this will change in the future, but right now my primary focus is on building my business.

For those who are interested, I am building a law practice in the areas of immigration law, bankruptcy law, criminal defense (I am particularly interest in white collar crime) and anything related to doing business with China. Of course based on my business background, some people would wonder why I would not focus primarily on corporate law or securities law, etc. While I am still interested in these areas, I want to focus on areas that somewhat relate to my other businesses (such as immigration and Chinese related law). I also want to concentrate on practice areas where the revenue tends to come upfront (such as criminal defense, immigration and bankruptcy so that I do not have the economic pressures of having to deal with the economic strains of expensive litigation relating to cases based on a contingency fee arrangement. Criminal defense also happens to be one of the best areas of law for those interested in gaining lots of trial experience early on.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back From Vacation

I was out of state all of last week on a short vacation before school started. I still want to blog more about my experiences in China this summer once I can find some free time to do so. I am currently working on some business plans and may visit China again this winter.

Relating to the Chinese WVAS industry, this recent story seems to be pretty big news. A one month free trial is quite a large requirement, as new users will not generate revenue for the SP's as quickly making marketing and promotional activities less effective. I was also worried about churn among end users who might switch from SP to SP each month for certain WVAS services. Marketing activities and the decreased negative impact of churn are all positives of going back to the 72 hour period. In case of any further price declines I may be inclined to buy more shares of KONG and a few other WVAS providers.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Webzen Rebound

I take back what I said the other day about taking profits in KONG too early. Webzen is currently up over 14% on the KOSDAQ with heavy volume. I bought more WZEN shares with my KONG proceeds on Tuesday. Now I just need to figure out the reason for the WZEN rebound. Let's hope it is part of a new trend! I still have a fairly big paper loss on my Webzen position.

Disclosure: I am long WZEN

Update: Webzen just hit its daily up limit (13,700) on the KOSDAQ. If it closes at this price that is a very good sign and may imply that WZEN could climb even further on the NASDAQ tomorrow!

eBay Auction Update

My Bar Exam Auction still has 4 days left but I have already received more bids (13) than I ever expected. I have not yet decided how to spend my $3.93 ($5.25 minus the 25% SPLC donation =$3.93). I was thinking about buying another share of Webzen, but as of this moment I am not sure if I will have quite enough for another share. Webzen is currently up over 5% on the KOSDAQ today (Friday).

Disclosure: I am long WZEN

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Strange TOMO Trading Activity

Obviously I took profits in KONG a little too soon yesterday as it is up another 10% + today as of right now. Indeed the entire sector is up today. TOMO is up over 30% on no news! Somebody please let me know if they have a plausible explanation for the Tom Online trading activity today. I do not know if it is just short covering after a quick rise today (TOMO underperformed the China WVAS sector yesterday).

TOMO gave 3Q guidance was not that great (but they been known to give conservative earnings guidance) compared to their peers, so I am little confused today. Like I said yesterday, I feel like KONG and TOMO management is the best in the industry, but I am still baffled by this sudden rapid rise.