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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Baidu IPO Hype

Baidu (BIDU is the proposed ticker) is by far the most hyped Chinese IPO of 2005 thus far. Based on the performance of GOOG, I am not surprised. According to BillsDue the Baidu (BIDU) IPO is expected next week:

Baidu is by far the most popular search engine in China. For a more detailed analysis read this:

Who will be watching the IPO?

  1. Tons of institutional and individual investors will be watching Baidu and it will likely be many times oversubscribed as an IPO
  2. Baidu (BIDU) insiders and existing shareholders
  3. GOOG (they already have a stake in Baidu and may be looking to buy more in the future)
  4. The RIAA (see the Baidu F1 filing)
  5. Class action attorneys (pay per click fraud is more common in China) and Baidu (BIDU) is likely to remain the largest player in the Chinese pay per click market.
  6. Competitors including GOOG, YHOO, SINA, SOHU and Zhongsou
  7. eBay and Alibaba. Baidu (BIDU) just signed an agreement with PayPal and Alipay competitor 99Bill. From ChinaTechNews:

See this link for more information on Baidu (BIDU) and other leaders in the China search market:

Another previous post of mine about Baidu (BIDU):

For those of you that want to track the latest SEC filings and amendments for Baidu look here:

Here is the most recent F1 (3rd Amendment):

The current anticipated initial public offering price is between US$19.00 and US$21.00 per ADS. I will be watching for future developments next week.


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