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Saturday, August 13, 2005

New Netease MMORPGs

I just became aware about this Da Tang news by reading CoolHeadInvestor, an excellent blog:

Pacific Epoch has also confirmed August 18th as the start date for Da Tang closed beta testing:

Tian Xia Er, an in-house developed 3D martial arts game is also almost done being developed. It should also begin closed beta testing sometime this quarter.

For those of you who are interested here is a link to a Da Tang trailer:

Da Tang is an in-house developed 2.5D martial arts game based on the time of the Chinese Tang Dynasty.

Tian Xia Er is 3D game based on Chinese mythology. Netease has stated that it expects to become even more successful than its current top two games Westward Journey 2 and Fantasy Westward Journey!

I have high hopes for both of the upcoming games. I am not much of a game player myself, but as an investor in several Asian gaming companies I think I may become one soon so I can better compare the quality of the games.

Here is the news in Chinese from 17173:





Despite the recent relative out performance of NTES shares compared to its peers, I believe there is room for further gains. Even without PE expansion, NTES shares can increase in value as analyst raise their current (too conservative) estimates for 2006 revenue and earnings. I believe most analysts are not modeling enough revenue growth from the 2 new MMORPGs discussed above or casual gaming. There also may be room for more advertising growth than some analysts are expecting.

Disclosure: I am long NTES


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